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Medical Funding

We specialize in the purchase of current and historical medical liens, specifically personal injury funding, worker’s compensation and product liability claims from physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, facilities and hospitals. 

Our medical funding can be extremely beneficial for providers trying to maintain a positive cash flow by providing you accounts receivable financing and factoring finance options when patients or insurance companies may take months or years to pay for services or goods. 


Our Goal

Patients need access to health care and proper treatment. But providers cannot treat patients without reimbursements. We see an opportunity to help fill this gap. 

We want to help facilitate the best possible reimbursement for our health care providers and help doctors and hospitals provide medical care to those in need of medical treatments. 


Our Solution

Our company can help grow your practice with the cash flow you need. 

  • Workers Comp
  • Personal Injury
  • A/R Factoring 

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your practice. 


Medical Providers


Renaissance Medifund provides cash flow solutions to medical providers including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician offices, chiropractic clinics and other providers.

If you have uninsured and underinsured personal injury victims, we can help remove the risk of non-payment and eliminate the need to wait for these personal injury cases to settle before getting your medical bill paid and receive payment immediately on your personal injury accounts receivable. 



We work with different providers that may be willing to provide you the treatment that you need. 

If you have no health insurance, Obamacare with high deductibles and high co-pays, we may be able to help and get you the treatment you need now without the financial worry of paying for treatment now. 



If you are a law firm or attorney representing a personal injury client who needs treatment on a lien or letter of protection, we may be able to help. 

Renaissance Medifund can help your client pay for the treatment they may need now for recovery so you can focus on pursuing the lawsuit for damages. 

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